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January 2019 Archives

Child custody and visitation goes smoothly for celebrity couple

Conscientious parents in California and elsewhere may experiment with their child custody and visitation arrangements after a formal separation and during a divorce proceeding. Sometimes, an initial flexible approach that is not written in stone is preferred to best suit the child's makeup and preferences. It is also helpful to see how the child adjusts to various changes as the transformation of living circumstances continues. When the parties can work together in a mature manner to provide flexibility and informality in a child custody and visitation arrangement, the chances that the child will adjust more readily are greatly increased.

Prenuptial contract may be difficult to enforce in divorce case

Prenuptial agreements have become somewhat common in the divorce process in California and elsewhere. A prenup is a contract entered into prior to the marriage. It contains provisions that generally define who gets what property if there is a separation and divorce. It was traditionally used by a wealthy person entering a marriage with a less wealthy individual, and the purpose was to limit what the less wealthy partner would be able to take out of the marriage if it ended.

World's richest man announces divorce after 25-year marriage

Celebrity divorces often occur in California due to its being the home to the entertainment industry. Other nearby states also are the home to some famous divorce matters due to their association with some of the largest technology companies. One of the biggest divorces recently made public is that of the world's richest man, Jeff Bezos, the founder and owner of Amazon.

Pets finally get rights in divorce cases in California

California recently became the third state to recognize that pets have rights.  A state law that became effective on Jan. 1 provides among other things that in divorce cases family law courts will have the authority to determine what is in the best interests of the pet animal. The judge will be able to consider the care and welfare of the animal and to establish shared custody arrangements for pets.

Domestic violence can mean non-physical abuse

Far too many people, here in California and all over the country, are victims of domestic violence. Abuse from a romantic partner can take a toll on victims in many ways. A survivor, who now works with other survivors, says that the abuse she endured wasn't physical, at first, the way many of us often think of domestic violence. She warns other potential victims to take notice of non-physical abuse that may escalate to physical harm.

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