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Positive outcomes are also a likely part of the divorce landscape

by | Nov 30, 2018 | Divorce, Firm News |

In California, the holidays are celebrated by people of many different backgrounds at this time of the year. For those who are intending to file for divorce or find themselves already in such legal proceedings, it can be a difficult time to retain a positive attitude, especially with memories of lost dreams being intensified by holiday festivities. Fortunately, the picture does not have to be so gloomy as there are reasons to keep one’s spirits high and engaged.

It may sound counterintuitive but researchers in one university-sponsored study concluded that women felt much happier for up to five years after the official end of their marriages. This may have been due to the sense of relief and independent freedom that comes with shedding the burdens of an unhappy marriage. Other research indicates that continuing in a conflict-filled, unhappy marriage can make one a higher health risk for heart disease, cancer, chronic pain, diabetes and emotional illnesses.

The accepted premise that two can live cheaper than one has also taken some hits in recent years. Some governmental tax provisions tend to keep married couples in their financial place by unfriendly, excess taxation. The Alternative Minimum Tax has intruded to impose tax hardships on middle-income couples and not just on the very highest of income-producing persons. Health insurance costs can turn out to be unfair to married couples and their families.

Contrary to general perceptions, it can also be a relief to the children when the hurtful antics in a devolving marriage are put to rest by a separation and divorce. Putting normalcy back on track by ending the conflict-ridden relationship can be a much better strategy for the children’s health than continuing to keep them boxed into a pressure-cooker type of emotional roller coaster. In addition, evidence supports the premise that divorced women are often better off financially in their later years. A consultation with an experienced family law practitioner in California may be extremely helpful for persons with questions about this important life challenge.


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