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Theroux says divorce from Aniston was uneventful, even boring

by | Oct 2, 2018 | Divorce, Firm News |

Celebrity breakups are big news, especially when A-listers like Jennifer Aniston are involved. Her divorce from Justin Theroux made front-page news, not only in California papers, but in media all over the world. The thing is, though, their divorce, according to Theroux, was pretty uneventful. He goes so far as to even call it a little boring.

Theroux recently opened up about his split with the “Friends” star, saying they’ve remained good friends even though they mutually decided to call it quits as a couple. But he also said the split was heartbreaking, even though it was amicable and gentle. Theroux alluded to the fact that actors have move-around lifestyles, flitting from set to set, which is hard on a marriage.

But there were rumblings in the media that Theroux preferred living in New York, while Aniston is a self-proclaimed California girl. He didn’t corroborate those rumors. He simply said the two of them decided to make their divorce as painless as possible because of their mutual respect for each other.

When couples marry, there is always a chance they might divorce. No couple is immune altogether since life can be unpredictable; however, celebrities have to share their personal lives in front of the world. No matter who the couple is, it’s never easy and the process can be as painless as possible if each individual understands the laws that govern the divorce process. A divorce attorney may be able to suggest options his or her clients never even knew existed. A divorce attorney will fill out all the paperwork properly increasing the odds that a judge (if it gets to that point) will view his or client’s side in a favorable light.


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