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Defensive lineman David Irving facing child custody battle

by | Oct 17, 2018 | Child Custody, Firm News |

The National Football League has begun its 2018 season, with fans in California and throughout the nation donning their favorite team colors, hosting tailgate parties and making friendly bets on which two teams will ultimately face-off in the Super Bowl. Cowboys fans, however, may have noticed that defensive lineman David Irving has been missing in battle for quite some time. It turns out he has been experiencing serious problems in his personal life, including a contentious child custody battle.  

Irving had been suspended from his team following accusations of domestic violence. The charges were later dropped. Irving again fell victim to apparent deception when the woman admitted she had hacked his Twitter account and posted falsehoods about domestic violence and failed drug tests.  

In May, Irving was granted primary custody of the former couple’s 5-year-old daughter. The child’s mother was recently granted permission to pick her up from school. However, she reportedly failed to return her daughter to Irving at an appointed time. If there is an existing court order, it is unlawful for either parent to disobey the order. 

Irving’s teammates say the child custody situation is taking a toll on the defensive lineman’s mental health. They are worried it is negatively affecting his ability to play football at this time. As it stands, Irving and his former girlfriend are heading back to court this week. There may be a California parent experiencing similar custody problems, in which case, it would be logical to reach out for experienced legal support rather than try to go it alone in court. 


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