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California child support considerations

by | Sep 10, 2018 | Child Support, Firm News |

When children are involved, there are a number of factors which must be determined when the parents decide that they no longer wish to be together. Whether the couple is ending a marriage or simply deciding that they no longer wish to remain a couple, they are each still responsible for providing for their children. This child support is typically addressed in a formal child support order issued by a judge in a California court of law.

The amount of child support that will be ordered is based upon each individual’s income and the percentage of time that each individual will be responsible for caring for the child or children. The state of California has specific guidelines regarding this issue. Child custody and visitation are taken into account as a part of this as well.

As a part of the process, each parent will complete an income and expense statement. Each source of income is taken into account regardless of whether it is reportable and taxable. However, income received in the form of welfare payments or SSI (Supplementary Security Income) payments are excluded and not considered as a part of the individual’s income for calculation purposes.

In addition to child support payments, the court will also address the issue of health insurance. Even if this insurance is not currently available, the issue will be addressed and the inclusion of insurance when it does become available will be included as a part of the child support order. It is also possible that child care and medical expenses not covered by insurance will be included as a part of the California child support order.


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