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Domestic violence is often a hidden crime

by | Aug 1, 2018 | Domestic Violence, Firm News |

On the surface, one sees a happy couple. Mom, dad and the children enjoy spending time together and visiting with neighbors. Every day, the California parents get up, send the children off to school and then leave for their respective jobs. This may in fact be a happily married couple; it may also be a couple hiding the signs of domestic violence from the rest of the world.

Once the door to the home closes, it is difficult to determine what is going on within the home. Then, when something does happen, it often comes as a surprise to friends and family who assumed that the couple enjoyed a happy marriage. As one neighborhood recently discovered, this is not always the case.

On a recent weeknight, California law enforcement officers responded to a call in a residential neighborhood. Reports indicate that the wife called and claimed that her husband had assaulted her and had previously threatened her with a gun. When officers arrived, they attempted to communicate with the husband; however, he would not cooperate with their efforts. Eventually, the man exited the home along with the five children who had been present.

Domestic violence is often a hidden crime. It can affect those whom one considers least likely to be its victim. Yet, many California families find themselves facing such concerns. In addition to reporting the incident to law enforcement personnel, the domestic violence victim will also want to work with the court system to extricate him or herself from the marriage if applicable and prevent the other individual from being able to inflict more damage. Experienced legal counsel can assist with this.


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