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July 2018 Archives

Divorce doesn't have to be overwhelming

There often comes a time when life seems to spiral out of control. There are multiple decisions that need to be made, and the California resident just is not sure what steps need to be taken. Feelings of uncertainty and anxiety can be overwhelming at these times, especially if a divorce is involved.

Duran Duran lead singer accused of decades-old sexual assault

Simon LeBon, front man for the rock band Duran Duran, says he can't apologize for something he was accused of doing more than 20 years ago. The now 59-year-old rocker has been accused of sexual assault by a woman who said LeBon allegedly groped her butt and then her genital area at a California record signing. The woman was an employee at the record shop where the signing took place.

Electronic privacy important in divorce process

It is often common practice to leave the cell phone or tablet laying somewhere unattended.  Yet, the average California resident has his or her messages, social media account, email and calendar available on these devices. While this habit typically does not lead to problems within one's own home, if the individual is contemplating divorce, this habit may provide the spouse with unintended information.

Man suspected of domestic violence now a fugitive from justice

California is a place that about 40 million people call home. A giant melting pot of cultures, The Golden State is a shining example of how residents from all walks of life can come together to create strong and healthy communities. Though California has been able to reduce the amount of violent crime to historic lows, one major issue that still faces the nation as a whole is domestic violence. Domestic violence can affect anyone, regardless of gender, income, and living situation. 

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