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May 2018 Archives

Property division discussion part of planning beyond the wedding

A wedding is an exciting event. The bride and groom spend countless hours planning and preparing for this glorious event. Yet, all too often, they spend more time planning for the wedding than they do planning for the marriage. In today's society, many California engaged couples bring with them significant assets, children from a previous relationship and even a possible interest in an ongoing business. In light of these aspects, the couple will also want to spend time discussing how decisions will be made throughout the marriage, their philosophy regarding spending and budgeting as well as how property division will be addressed in case of death or divorce.

How to discuss divorce mediation drama with adult children

There is a lot of advice out there for how to support minor children through a divorce, but what about adult children? Many people will share too much with adult children in an attempt to have them pick sides or to gain favor. However, the drama and anger that may result from a difficult California divorce mediation should not necessarily be discussed at home, even with children who are no longer young.

Communication tips for co-parenting after a divorce

Many marriages end due in part to communication challenges, so it is not surprising that divorced couples often struggle with communication as well. While some exes in California have no need to keep talking after a divorce, others must continue to communicate about issues such as shared children, businesses, the sale of the marital home and spousal support. Here are some tips experts offer for how best to speak with a former spouse.

How to divorce and remain on good terms

When marriages end, the ex-spouses have to embark on the process of separating their lives from one another. Divorce does not have to be gritty and difficult in California. It is possible to have a divorce that promotes an amicable relationship between the parties as well as effective co-parenting if children are involved. Following a few tips on how to make the process less challenging can guard against emotional damage to anyone affected by divorce.

Car crash leads father to facing child abuse charges

Being responsible for a child requires parents to make daily choices to ensure the child's safety and health. When a California child is injured due to the negligence of a parent, the effects could be lifelong as he or she tries to cope with the emotional toll of the incident. Regrettably, child abuse can range from a child suffering daily bodily harm to a child being injured due to a parent or guardian's unwise decision.

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