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Stepmom takes the best interest of the child to heart

by | Jan 2, 2018 | Divorce, Firm News |

A new bride vowed to love, honor and cherish her new husband and her new stepson. She also vowed to do the same regarding the child’s mother. During her marriage ceremony, the bride pledged her vows to her husband and included his former girlfriend and the son they have together in her new life and role as stepmom. In California, parents are taking a careful look at what is in the best interest of the child by co-parenting together.

When the future bride dated her soon-to-be husband, she learned that he had a newborn son from a previous relationship. What started out with quite a bit of tension between the two ladies has ended in friendship. The bride-to-be thought about what would be in the best interest of her future husband’s son, who would become her stepson.

As the she wrote her vows, she struggled with finding just the right words. In the vows, she thanked her new stepson’s mother for accepting her as a friend and not seeing her as the enemy. To the son they would soon share, she vowed to always be an amazing mom to him. The new stepmom would provide guidance and love every day, and she vowed to love his dad with all her heart. The bride also promised that they would be one big family for the rest of their lives.

Co-parenting and the best interest of the child may not always be easy, but working together as a team, and setting aside differences may enrich the lives of all family members. Not every co-parent relationship ends on a high note, and sometimes couples cannot see past their differences with each other. California couples that are struggling may seek advice from a family law attorney who can help put issues into perspective to make the best possible choices for the family. 


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