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Soldier fights for child custody while serving his country

by | Jan 1, 2018 | Child Custody, Firm News |

There is no greater heartache for a parent than being thousands of miles away from his or her child. Even worse is a soldier fighting for his country overseas and struggling to maintain custody of his son here in the states. In California, there are laws in place that allow service members to designate temporary child custody during deployment.

A soldier and his wife were granted primary custody of his son from the biological mother when the boy was just two years old. They have been raising the child together as a family ever since. Recently, a judge awarded the ex-wife temporary custody of the boy while the father is deployed in Afghanistan. The couple has been fighting to regain custody of the child ever since.

The family has begun the appeal process and argued that the court refuses to uphold state law. This law allows military personnel to designate someone to hold temporary custody while they are deployed. The stepmother also maintains her right to parent her stepson in her husband’s absence. The soldier has taken to social media asking for support for his son.

Parents who are serving their country are sometimes taken away from loved ones through no fault of their own. In California and all other states, there are provisions in place to protect service members in child custody cases. When faced with the threat of losing a child in a custody battle, parents may consult with a child custody attorney. An incisive and thorough lawyer with expertise in military procedures can answer questions and provide guidance through the process.

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