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Divorce over 50 and retirement

by | Nov 6, 2017 | Divorce, Firm News |

The number of couples over 50 who have decided to end their marriages has seen a steady increase since 1990. Studies show that since 1960 the over-50 divorce rate has increased 700%. Other countries have also reported a surge in 30-plus year marriages failing. In California, and in other states, the initiator of the divorce is usually the wife.

Most couples envision retirement as quality time, but too much quality time may not be as rewarding as they assumed. Constant companionship after a long working life can be frustrating. With the kids out of the house, couples find it hard to remember why they married in the first place. One data source suggests that women throw in the towel after they turn 50 because their relationship ran out of steam.

On average, most Americans can expect to live 20 or more years after age 60. Some may recommend strategies for keeping a marriage fresh in retirement by having open communication and investing in each other. Experts agree that all marriages take work, but the over-50 crowd might have to take that work to heart. Volunteering at an organization that they both support may be something that both parties can invest in to spend time together.

When marriages fail after 30-plus years, it can be devastating for all. The prospect of starting over can be intimidating, but couples often drift apart after retirement. In California, it may be in a person’s best interest to secure a divorce attorney. While divorce is rarely, if ever, easy, sound advice from a qualified expert can put things into perspective for everyone.

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