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Will Richard Williams score the match point in his divorce?

by | Jun 15, 2017 | Divorce, Firm News |

It is said that it doesn’t matter whether one wins or loses; rather, it’s how the game is played. While it is certainly true that the way in which one conducts one’s self is important, there are times when California residents may find themselves accused of behavior that is immoral or illegal. When divorce proceedings are contested, they can bring out the worst in people.

Richard Williams, the 75-year-old father of tennis players Serena and Venus Williams, recently filed for divorce from his second wife, 38-year-old Lakeisha. The couple had been married since 2010, and in 2012 Lakeisha gave birth to their only child, a son named Dylan. In his divorce petition, he states that his wife vacated the marital home the previous year, leaving their son in his care. He also claims that she sometimes picks the child up late at night, and alleges that his wife is in a relationship with someone who he believes has a criminal record, and thus has concerns about the safety of his child around this person.

He goes on to assert that his wife has been stealing his Social Security checks, has problems with alcohol and has forged his signature on legal documents. These include transferring the deed of one of his houses to herself, along with the ownership of several of his cars. He also alleges that she obtained a $152,000 mortgage using his forged signature. His wife’s attorney has denied all of the allegations made in the petition.

California residents may be familiar with the acrimony that can arise during divorce proceedings, but whatever happens between this couple, the most important person is their son. Conducting oneself in a dignified and honest manner not only sets a good example for the child, it can reduce friction and distress within the family relationships. If maintaining a civil dialogue is difficult during a pending divorce, it may be helpful to consider using mediation to improve communication and smooth the process moving forward.

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