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Morty Coyle seeks child support payments from Jody Sweetin

by | Jan 19, 2017 | Child Support, Firm News |

A child is one of the greatest blessings that one may ever experience. When considering divorce, the prospect of no longer living with one’s child may be one of the most painful aspects. For California residents who are able to come to an amicable agreement, sharing joint custody can allow each parent to maintain a good relationship with his or her child. Agreements on child support, however, may not always run as smoothly.

Actress Jody Sweetin and her ex-husband, actor Morty Coyle, were married in 2012; however, the marriage only lasted for a year. They agreed to share custody of their six-year-old daughter, Beatrix, jointly, both legally and physically, and no child support payments were ordered. At the time the divorce was finalized last September, Sweetin had claimed that her income was around $4,000 a month, and Coyle reportedly had an income of around $2,000. This was reflected in the agreement that Sweetin would pay Coyle $10,000 in settlement along with a division of income earned during the marriage.

Coyle is reportedly now seeking child support payments from Sweetin, as he claims that her income is now in excess of $600,000 per year. It is suggested that the income is a combination of revenue for a new series being aired on Netflix, residual payments from previous works, including a reality show, and a jewelry line bearing her name. Coyle is also reported to be seeking $7,500 in recompense for his legal costs and a further $5,000 to hire a forensic accountant.

Whatever one’s position, if there is a change in financial circumstances, it is reasonable to wish to reconsider how much one should pay in child support. A disparity of this magnitude is one that many California residents will never experience; however, it does not alter the rights of either parent to request a reassessment. If all financial details are presented accurately, it should allow a fair judgment to be made.

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