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Marin County has high success rate in child support payments

by | Aug 10, 2016 | Child Support, Firm News |

August is Child Support Awareness Month. A child’s future is shaped by many factors. Some can be altered, while others may not. When it comes to child support, the ability to collect is not always easily managed. However, one county in California has a consistently high success rate.

Marin County ranks in the top 10 among California counties for its ability to secure regularly maintained child support payments, and it has done so for at least four years. The work of the Department of Child Support Services is not just limited to collecting child support. Working in collaboration with a wide variety of individuals and organizations, it can also assist with helping to establish paternity and provide support for an assortment of child related issues.

The Novato Department of Child Support Services has almost finished undergoing a major renovation. The lobby has been made more customer friendly, and privacy during consultations has been improved by increasing the number of interview rooms from two to four. It is hoped that these modifications will make the offices feel more welcoming, in turn helping to improve the customer service.

Financial matters can be worrying and intimidating, both for the parent who is in receipt of child support payments and for the parent who makes those payments. Circumstances can change for either party, creating fear of the prospect of having to make adjustments in order to accommodate change. Whether more money is required in order to maintain a child’s well-being or one has suffered a reduction in income and is no longer able to keep up with court-ordered payments, it is better for California residents to face the problem and seek the appropriate advice in order to minimize stress as much as possible for all parties affected.

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