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Husband seeks divorce from unusual marriage

by | Aug 4, 2016 | Divorce, Firm News |

Marriages may begin – and end – in the most unusual of circumstances. Regardless of why a California resident marries, the decision to divorce is never an easy one. It can be especially difficult in circumstances where an extended period of estrangement has occurred, leaving one in a state of confusion about the status of the marriage.

A California man married his wife, a foreign national, in 2014. Two days later, the wife had to return to her home country in order to care for her terminally ill father. After many months, the wife’s father passed away; however, the wife showed no interest in returning to the U.S. to resume married life with her husband. Instead she decided to embark on a period of study in her home country. She enrolled in a seven-year dental school course against the wishes of her husband.

In August of last year, during one of his wife’s periodic vacation visits, the husband decided to file for legal separation. At this point, the wife began to show signs of wishing to return to live with her husband, and the separation did not become official. Since she moved back to the U.S., the relationship has failed to flourish, and the husband is now considering divorce. Given the history of the relationship, the husband is concerned about the consequences of this decision.

Marriage may mean different things to different couples; however, it is at its heart intended to be a partnership. Where one spouse does not participate fully in the union, it may call into question the exact nature of the relationship and whether it may be considered to have been a fully functioning marriage. In such exceptional circumstances, it is important to seek the appropriate advice and guidance regarding divorce in order to move forward into a more emotionally rewarding and positive future.

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