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December 2014 Archives

Show respect to all, in the best interest of the child

For some years, January has been designated as International Child-Centred Divorce Awareness Month. Most parents already realize that, in a child's eyes, there is no good time to learn that his or her parents will divorce. Coming so soon after a holiday celebration like Christmas, however, it can be particularly difficult to come to terms with the news. How may California parents facing these issues act in the best interest of the child and smooth the transition involved?

Be consistent and considerate in the best interest of the child

The holiday season is upon us, but this joyous time can also be fraught with tension. Even the happiest of families may experience some measure of stress, as the pressure to create the perfect celebration mounts. California residents who are going through a divorce may feel that they are treading a very fine line between what they feel is in the best interest of the child and what their estranged spouse believes is best. This may relate to such matters as the giving of gifts or visitation times.

What may be considered fair when it comes to property division?

Fairness, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. When negotiating a divorce, California residents may find that this is a subject on which they cannot agree, especially when it comes to property division. The laws surrounding this subject can be quite complex, depending on the state in which one resides.

Lead by example, a special gift in the best interest of the child

It is said that, in order to appreciate the good times, one must endure through the bad times. This may be hard to accept when going through a divorce, especially if it is happening during one of the most family-oriented holidays of the year. It is natural to strive to do what is in the best interest of the child -- or children -- and many California residents may feel a sense of guilt at this time. However, it may be possible for good lessons to come out of a painful experience.

Property division may have greater consequences than anticipated

When it comes to matters of divorce, it can be very easy to feel as though things are not as fair as they should be. Sometimes, the issue of how to divide property can become very personal. Bricks and mortar may be worth more to an individual than mere dollars, and real estate may be seen as the ultimate prize to many a resident of California. People may find it more productive, in the long run, to find a less emotional way to deal with the issue of property division.

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