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Divorce and the Affordable Care Act in California

by | Aug 13, 2014 | Divorce, Firm News |

There are many changes in personal circumstances that can affect one’s life. When going through divorce proceedings, one’s financial affairs can be particularly vulnerable, so it is important for individuals to ensure that all the relevant details are gathered together. Various situations might impact the finances of residents in California.

The care of one’s health, and that of one’s family, is of the utmost importance. Without good health, one cannot function properly. Having appropriate insurance coverage in place means that one may feel a certain level of reassurance that there is one less thing about which to worry.

There are many legal changes taking place across the U.S relating to the Affordable Care Act, and the rules applied in each state can vary. The next time during which one may apply to the program is mid-November; however, there are exceptional circumstances in which it is possible to apply earlier. For individuals who have undergone a significant change in their lives, such as divorce or any other change in income, it would be advisable to contact the administrators of the health care program.

An individual’s tax credits can increase or decrease quite substantially in line with such changes like divorce. Residents of California may find it helpful to collate all details relating to personal financial affairs during divorce proceedings, in order to provide an accurate reflection of their new financial position. Seeking appropriate advice and guidance on those aspects, one can find out how his or her own personal plan may alter upon completion of his or her divorce. Arranging one’s health care provision is something that is preferable prior to the time when one needs to utilize it.

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