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Technology lacks empathy when it comes to divorce in California

by | Apr 3, 2014 | Divorce, Firm News |

Advances in technology seem to be happening faster than ever. With the advent of smartphones, the possibilities are endless — where there now appears to be an app for almost everything one can think of. They can be fun, useful and informative — but to what extent should the residents of California rely on something like this, when considering truly serious issues such as health or divorce?

Once a divorce is finalized, there are apps which can indeed be of use; for example to synchronize co-parenting schedules between two homes. There are others which may assist parents with helping their children through the transition, allowing children to express their fears and concerns more openly. But when it comes to making the decision about whether divorce is the right thing for an individual to pursue, an app lacks the depth of analysis one needs in order to assess the situation accurately.

In the same way as one may do an online search of their health symptoms and come to an unduly frightening self-diagnosis, a person who is considering divorce may be emotionally vulnerable and experiencing conflicting feelings. When one considers the intricacy of relationships, it is unrealistic to think that such a decision could be based on one’s responses to a quick quiz or something similar. Many people require support from those they trust, usually friends or family in the first instance, and the decision-making process itself can be lengthy and painful.

The level of information that is now readily available can be overwhelming, and one should bear in mind that some of it can also be dangerously misleading. One may perhaps find that using their initial research to formulate any questions they have about certain aspects of divorce is a good first step. It is typically always in one’s own best interests to seek appropriate advice on the California divorce laws and local court procedures when considering a decision to dissolve a marriage in our state.

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