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March 2013 Archives

Claiming a spouse's Social Security benefits after divorce

California couples who are moving toward divorce have a multitude of issues to consider, and a wide range of decisions that must be made. Among these is the matter of property division, which involves dividing up shared assets. For many, retirement planning plays a crucial role in the divorce process.

Preparing to meet with a California divorce attorney

For many California spouses, the onset of the divorce process is filled with uncertainty and unease. Meeting for an initial consultation with a divorce attorney can help a spouse feel better prepared to move forward with the process, and can also give insight into what to expect. There are a number of ways to prepare for this initial meeting, and doing so can greatly improve the experience for all involved.

Man to pay one dollar per month in child support

Family court judges who hear child support cases normally see very similar arguments. Such hearings usually involve a mother and father who have ended their union and are struggling over matters concerning the continued financial support of their shared children. However, courts in California and across the nation also hear child support arguments that deviate from this norm.

Proper savings tactics prior to filing for divorce

When divorce is on the horizon, many California spouses feel a string need to prepare. This can take a number of forms, from preparing one's friends and family for the news to setting aside money to get through the divorce period. In some cases, one or both spouses will work to set up and fund a 'secret' or 'hidden' divorce account.

Life of the party + teetotaler = California divorce

Within a California marriage, there are a number of issues that can lead to strife and turmoil. In some cases, the stress levels and incompatibilities rise to the point where one or both spouses decide to end the marriage. One recently released study looked into the risk factors of divorce, and found that there is one area that can provide a strong prediction of a couple's chances of a long and happy marriage.

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