Real Estate Law

Real estate transactions and legal matters frequently involve large sums of money and detailed paperwork. They can become complicated extremely quickly in California if you lack the guidance of qualified legal counsel. I, Stuart E. Bruers, have the experience you need as a real estate attorney in order to make sure your transaction or other real estate legal issues are handled properly. Call the Law Office of Stuart E. Bruers to speak with a commercial business transactions attorney in Torrance.

A real estate lawyer should be very familiar with the local court system and laws in order to act in the most effective and efficient manner. I have been practicing real estate law in Torrance, California and surrounding communities for the past over 21 years. My knowledge of the issues people frequently deal with allows me to be an effective advocate for my clients when negotiating residential as well as commercial business transactions, contracts, purchase and sale agreements, quiet titles, foreclosures, failure to disclose defects, dealing with boundary and lease disputes, and landlord/tenant issues. I have experience handling cases in and out of court.

Chances are that I've dealt with your real estate legal issue before and am well prepared to handle your case. Contact me today for experienced advice from a Torrance real estate lawyer on how to maximize the success of your transaction. Evening, weekend, and walk-in appointments are available, schedule permitting.