Estate Planning

Probate and estate planning in California can be a messy process unless you utilize the knowledge of an experienced estate planning attorney to lead you out of the logistical maze. Contact me, Stuart E. Bruers, Attorney at Law, to learn how my experience handling probate and wills can help you in the success of your estate planning endeavors.

I have been dealing with issues of probate and estate planning for the past over 21 years in and around the city of Torrance. As an estate planning attorney, I have amassed the knowledge a good attorney needs to anticipate all types of issues that need to be addressed during probate.

Probate is something you want done right the first time. Make sure you place your trust in the hands of a qualified legal professional. If you are looking for a Torrance estate planning attorney, look no further than the Law Office of Stuart E. Bruers. I am experienced in all aspects of probate and am awaiting your call. Contact me today for more information. I am available for evening, weekend, and walk-in appointments, schedule permitting.