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California Child Support & Spousal Support Attorney

When delegation and levels of child support and spousal support become issues in your divorce as ways of retaliating against a former spouse rather than furthering your child's "best interest," you need a respected California family law attorney with experience in seeking consensus where it can be found or litigating aggressively on your behalf, when necessary.

I am that lawyer. I'm Stuart E. Bruers, with law offices in Torrance, serving Los Angeles County and the South Bay. I place special focus on parent's rights, parent-child relationships, and child visitation agreements. And most importantly of all: I listen to you.

For over 16 years of practice, I have been committed to hearing everything my clients have to say, from your initial consultation to advancing your need for post-judgment modifications. What I learn from you will result in truly professional legal representation of your legal and lifestyle needs. I work hard for you, stay available for your questions and employ "time share" domestic relations software to resolve suitable support agreements.

Call, fax or e-mail me in Torrance today. I'll do my best to accommodate your meeting schedule, and can bring Spanish interpretation if you require it.

Committed to Professional Child Support & Spousal Support Representation

Child support guidelines are based on a number of often complex factors: the amount of time each parent spends with the child, a parent's income, needs of the child, and a range of other compelling issues.

Ideally, I work toward compassionate application of those guidelines for the betterment of all concerned. I can mediate all aspects of your uncontested divorce, support concerns included, and litigate with the best of them in contested divorce or high net worth divorce situations. For instance, those of substantial income levels may be affected by the California high wage-earner exception, which calls for support of children of privilege to be calculated outside state guidelines.

In either scenario, you can trust my versatility and years of proven skills to get results for you, at the Stuart E. Bruers law office.

You can help me to keep your child support or spousal support dispute behind the scenes and out of court, in your control rather than that of strangers. An agreement coordinated and cooperated in by you can serve to prevent future litigation and provide a more cohesive parenting atmosphere for your child or children, too.

Be in touch with me at my Torrance family law office today. Find out how a seasoned, understanding attorney's assistance can make a difference in your collective present and future.

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You can reach me in Torrance by phone, fax or e-mail and arrange your initial consultation. As family lawyer for California clients for over 21 years, I have been committed to professional legal representation for you and your family.