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The Stuart E. Bruers Law Office

When you come into my Torrance law office for your initial consultation with Stuart E. Bruers and staff, you're dealing with an experienced, caring attorney who is one of you. I am California-born, raised and educated. I know the problems of the people of my state, and their families. I know how to remedy them, and how important the simple act of listening to you is in doing so.

When I am not at my office or in your homes, proving my longstanding commitment to professional legal representation for you, I'm active in my memberships in bar associations in Los Angeles County and the South Bay. I also serve on a mediation panel in Torrance County and help with a pro bono clinic at the Torrance courthouse.

Whatever I can do to contribute to your lives in particular and California communities in general, I will do. I want to use my standing as a distinguished family lawyer to improve the lives of others. And that includes you, the prospective client of my respected law firm.

Contact me in Torrance today by phone, fax or e-mail. I can begin listening intently to you, and working hard for you, as soon as you schedule your initial consultation.