California Divorce Attorney

Have divorce and related matters such as child custody and visitation, child support and spousal support entered your life?

Has your personal situation become so intense that domestic violence is playing a role? Or abuse, physical or emotional?

For over 21 years, my experienced family law office of Stuart E. Bruers in Torrance has been the full-service, statewide refuge for clients who have encountered those problems. We listen to you, intently and sincerely, for starters. Then I act on what I learn by offering a commitment to the kind of professional legal representation you deserve.

Contact me today for an initial consultation. I can be reached by phone, fax or e-mail. I keep my meeting scheduling flexible and can access Spanish language interpretation when necessary.

Committed to Professional Representation

Here are the many family law issues I can help you with, at my Stuart E. Bruers law office:

I have been extending that same offer of truly professional legal representation to California clients in the areas of real estate and estate planning. I also excel at protecting your rights in criminal defense matters. Whether it's an important closing on property you have dreamed of for years, a will or trust you have been contemplating for your survivors, or a criminal charge you are facing, be in touch with me in Torrance today.

No matter what your legal issue, concern or goal, my pledge remains the same: We will listen to you at the Torrance family law office of Stuart E. Bruers. I've listened intently and proactively responded to my clients for over 21 years, and proudly earned your trust as a result.

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For a closer look at the professional legal representation I have been committed to for over 21 years, and to schedule your initial consultation, contact my Stuart E. Bruers family law office in Torrance by phone, fax or e-mail. I am a dedicated lawyer who will listen to you. That's a promise.