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Posts tagged "Child Support"

California child support collections remain high

Young children often imitate the people with whom they spend the most time. Many California parents will be familiar with hearing their children repeat the phrases they use the most, or watching a child pretend to be mom or dad on the phone.  August is Child Support Awareness Month, and noncustodial parents who make regular payments in respect of child support give their children something to imitate that will stand them in good stead for the future.

Child support: Don't underestimate child care costs

The joys of having children bring with them many years of responsibility. Some California couples are lucky enough to be able to afford to have one spouse bear the brunt of being a full-time homemaker and parent. If such a couple decide to divorce, this arrangement may not be sustainable, leaving both parents potentially having to consider the costs of child care as part of the child support arrangements.

Child support means exactly what it says

There are many things that can be open to interpretation. Child support is not one of them. Where one parent spends more time with the child, or has a lower income than the other parent, child support payments are intended to allow the child to maintain a consistent standard of living, irrespective of which parent he or she is with. Some California residents will be familiar with situations where this does not appear to be how things work out in reality.

Dean McDermott: allegation of child support arrears

The world of television is full of drama, both on and off screen. While most California residents are usually able to keep their disputes private, celebrities are not often given that option. When it comes to financial matters, such as child support, it seems that the only difference is in the amounts involved.

Morty Coyle seeks child support payments from Jody Sweetin

A child is one of the greatest blessings that one may ever experience. When considering divorce, the prospect of no longer living with one's child may be one of the most painful aspects. For California residents who are able to come to an amicable agreement, sharing joint custody can allow each parent to maintain a good relationship with his or her child. Agreements on child support, however, may not always run as smoothly.

The true cost of child support may be higher than one thinks

When children are born, they change the lives of everyone closest to them. In particular, the parents assume a mantle of responsibility for which it may be difficult to prepare. It may only be at the point where households separate that the true financial cost of raising a child becomes apparent, as California parents confront issues about child support payments.

Is there a legal time limit on child support claims?

The involvement of children may be one of the more stressful and difficult aspects of a divorce. While the best interest of the children should be at the forefront of each parent's mind, there are occasions when it can seem as though this is far from being the case. It is quite common to seek child support as part of divorce; however, many California residents may not be aware that there is no statute of limitation on pursuing such claims in this state.

Supporting children goes beyond child support

When parents decide to divorce from each other, it doesn't mean that either of them has divorced from the children. Many California residents will be familiar with the issues that can accompany discussions of a financial nature. When it comes to child support, it can be difficult to cover every possible eventuality. Sometimes, a shift in perspective can help to smooth the process.

Marin County has high success rate in child support payments

August is Child Support Awareness Month. A child's future is shaped by many factors. Some can be altered, while others may not. When it comes to child support, the ability to collect is not always easily managed. However, one county in California has a consistently high success rate.

Travis Barker seeks to reduce child support payable to Shanna Moa

Being a parent is a complicated thing. While it is about more than the level of financial contribution California parents are able to make, there is no doubt that child support is an important part of many parents' responsibilities. This holds true regardless of the amounts of support involved, although there are times when agreements may need modifications.

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