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Child Custody Archives

Good parental communication is in the best interest of the child

No matter what else happens in life, a parent will always love his or her child. He or she will always do whatever they think is in the best interest of the child; however, they don't always get it right. Many California parents unwittingly put their children in difficult positions when going through divorce, when a little forethought might prevent additional stress and heartache.

Fairer child custody arrangements can be better for the children

Life is not always fair, no matter how hard one tries to make it so. In the case of divorce, what is seen to be fair by one spouse may not be viewed in the same way by the other. Child custody is one area where it can be difficult for California parents to reach an agreement on what is fair.

Amicable visitation is the best Christmas gift for children

How one views the holidays can be affected by various things. A combination of childhood memories, movies and observing other families may shape one's expectations over the years. California residents who are going through divorce may find that the changes in living arrangements create unexpected tensions when it comes to their children and visitation arrangements.

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt: temporary child custody agreement

Divorce is rarely easy on any of the people involved, but it can be especially hard on the children. Even when things remain amicable on both sides, children may struggle to cope with the changes associated with child custody arrangements. Some California residents may be able to sympathize with the much-publicized experience of Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and their children.

Should decisions about child custody be made by judge or jury?

When one has a difficult decision to make, it can sometimes be easier if one does not have to do it alone. In cases where divorcing parents cannot agree on child custody arrangements, the decision is usually made by a judge. This could be set to change for California residents if a proposed initiative gains the required level of support.

In the best interest of the child, not for the sake of the child

Parents naturally want the best for their children. Many California couples on the brink of divorce will be familiar with the idea of staying together for the sake of the child; however, it is not always in the best interest of the child. Rather than creating a stable and reassuring two-parent home, it can instead become something akin to a war zone.

How much say should children have in child custody disputes?

Some children can be wise beyond their years, but even the most mature child may find it hard to cope with the emotions that are stirred up when his or her parents divorce. This month, the California Legislature is set to consider a bill that amends the law relating to child custody disputes. If successful, the change will allow parents to bring their children, ages 10 years and older, to court in order to tell the judge with which parent he or she wishes to live.

Child custody dispute: Native American heritage deciding factor

A person's identity is not always a simple matter. Heritage and roots can run deep, but the people around us undoubtedly shape us in a variety of ways. For many California residents, family is more about people and personalities than about blood. A complex child custody case currently in the news highlights the issues associated with such a divide.

California custody law puts the best interest of the child first

There are a variety of ways in which couples may divide their possessions during divorce; however, it is impossible like to do the same thing with a person. Understandably, it can be an intense struggled to reach the point where one agrees to relinquish custody of a child. In California family courts, the best interest of the child will prevail.

Goodwill to all, especially with visitation arrangements

Thanksgiving and Christmas are two of the biggest and most family-oriented holiday periods on the calendar: a time of peace and joy for most people. However, for those considering divorce, the holidays may be difficult and even painful. California residents whose families have already broken up will be familiar with the angst that accompanies the separation from one's children, when visitation may be dependent upon the goodwill of an estranged spouse.

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